Medical Mission to the Philippines – 2019

January 2019

Medical Philippines

In January 2019, a team of about 15 doctors, dentists, nurses, dental assistants, and volunteers provided free medical and dental care to 2650 of patients in three locations in the Philippines.

– Bago

– Pulupandan

– Valladolid



The team arrived in the Philippines in the days leading up to January 7, 2019, which is when their work actually commenced. KMF spent time serving 3 primary areas of the Philippines’ Negros Occidental region: the city of Bago and the municipalities of Pulupandan and Valladolid. On January 7, the medical mission team met with the healthcare leaders of these areas, along with the local coordinators, in order to discuss the logistics of the upcoming week.

On January 8, clinic days began. The first location KMF visited was Bago City, a 2nd class district of Negros Occidental. The medical clinic took place in the local Coliseum and the dental clinic took place near Bago’s public health office just across the street. The dental team had access to the city’s 2 dental vans, equipped with 2 sets of patient chairs and other dental tools. These vans were available throughout the mission trip at all locations. On a typical day, the team arrived at the location at 8 a.m. and worked until all patients had been helped, which was until around 5 p.m. After all pre-registered patients had been seen, walk-in patients were also accommodated.

On January 8 and 9 at Bago City, the KMF team in collaboration with the local team served a total of 300 dental patients and 677 medical patients.

On January 11 and 12, the team set up the clinic at Pulupandan, a 3rd class municipality of Negros Occidental. Here, over the course of the two days, the teams were able to help 471 dental patients and 574 medical patients.

On the final day of the medical mission, KMF visited Valladolid, a 4th class municipality in the region. At Valladolid, the team saw 163 dental and 223 medical patients.

At all 3 locations, the dental services that were provided to patients included dental extractions and general dental hygiene education. Supplies such as toothbrushes were handed out to patients as a small effort to encourage dental hygiene awareness and practice.


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Bacolod, PhilippinesDates: 1/6/2019 – 1/14/2019

Number of People Served: 2650

Services: Medical and Dental

Locations: – Bago, Pulupandan, Valladolid – outside of Bacolod, Philippines


Itinerary Guide:

Flights were booked to Bacolod City or connecting from Manila to Bacolod City.

List of domestic airlines:

Manila Airport– Philippine Airlines

– Cebu Pacific

Other Airlines:

– Air Asia

– Skyjet

Destination: Silay Airport, Negros Occidental.

Hotel Address: 14th Lacson St. Bacolod Negros Occidental. Phone: +6334 433 3731



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