In April 2018, a team of dentists, physicians, pharmacists, and volunteers went to the remote regions of Nepal where there is minimal to no medical support. KMF collaborated with Lions Club International during this mission.

We saw more people than we anticipated in Saptari. The team flew into Kathmandu and then flew to other locations.  We completed 7 days of clinics with some travel time in between the locations.

Day 0: Arrival of team members, planning and organization of equipment and medicine

Day 1: Kathmandu, Nepal – The Small World Girl’s Orphanage.

  • 21 patients

Day 2: Tilathi, Saptari, Nepal (arrived in town in the afternoon, started at 4 pm and went until it was dark.)

  • 244 patients

Day 3: Tilathi, Saptari, Nepal

  • 765 patients

Day 4: Tilathi, Saptari, Nepal (we saw people in triage medicine mode at the end as there was a large crowd of people we needed to see before the end of the free clinic)

  • 550 patients

TOTAL: 1559 patients in Saptari

Day 5: Travel to Itahari, Nepal

Day 6: Itahari, Nepal

  • 261 patients

Day 7: Itahari, Nepal

  • 266 patients

Day 8: Itahari, Nepal

  • 248 patients

TOTAL: 775 patients in Itahari

Day 9: Travel back to Kathmandu, Nepal

Day 10: Free day

Day 11: Return home

The mission was from Monday, April 9th to Thursday, April 19th 2018.

TOTAL: 1000+ Dental Patients, 2334 Medical Patients



Together let’s make a difference.  Your generous donation will help support this mission and others like it.